Legal Update: Personal Beliefs Exemptions for Vaccinations

A New Change in the Law Takes Effect January 1, 2014

Changes To Personal Beliefs Exemption for School Vaccine Requirements

Learn more, go to



ReEnrollement Deadline August 15!

Don't Forget! Enrollment Deadline - August 15!

Log on to to re-enroll.  

Re-enrollment it is really simple.  Just go to the ENROLLMENT tab and click it.  There is a drop down menu. Choose ENROLLMENT FORM and make any changes from last year's information then click the little tab at the bottom of the page that says "Submit your family information". That's it!  

Now the work begins! To enter all of the information you've worked so hard all summer to put together go to (aka HSRO- Home School Reporting Online) to fill in the necessary information for your student record keeping.  You will enter course and curriculum information here.  The more details you enter the better. When you want to refer back to something about your student's courses or curriculum in the future you will find it here!  (Please don't delete any information from previous years.  We need that for graduation and transcripts for your students in the future.) It is amazingly simple!  This is also where you keep your student's attendance records.  Remember to enter attendance at the end of each month, even better, enter it at the end of each week or even daily.  Please don't enter it in advance of the current date though... just to keep it honest! 

Have a happy rest of the summer and we'll see you in September on a Tuesday evening (date, time, and location still to be determined)!  We'll let you know soon but keep an eye on your email so you don't miss it. 

Email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you have questions.  

HSLDA has a Curriculum Market! Did you know?

Welcome to HSLDA’s Curriculum Market!

This site is for the sale of curriculum and materials specifically related to homeschooling. HSLDA created this site in response to our members’ concerns about the policy of other auction sites that do not allow the sale of teacher or instructor materials (e.g., anything with an answer key). We want to provide a one-stop shop where anyone can sell, and HSLDA Members can buy, new or used curriculum. Click here for more info about the site. You must be an HSLDA Member to BUY on this site; make sure you register as an HSLDA Member. Joining HSLDA has many benefits; you can join online (because of our personal screening process it will take a few weeks to process your application).

CHSPE Registration

California High School Proficiency Exam


CHSPE Registration Opened August 1! 

Click on the link below to register now.

CHSPE website:

Here is more news that might be of interest:

Important Notice: As of May 1, 2014, the current California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) test series will change.

Examinees who have not yet earned a Certificate of Proficiency by May 1, 2014 will need to begin the testing process again in the new test series. Sections and subtests previously passed in the current test series will cease to be valid. Examinees will not be allowed to change test dates to any date beyond the spring 2014 administration.


Re-Enrollment for the new school year is open until August 15! 

Instructions for enrollment has been sent to you via email.

Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with comments/concerns about the enrollment process.  


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